Impact Website Quality On Consumer Online Purchase Intention Of Indonesian Online Shop

Internet is becoming essential for every business activity. Moreover, at the beginning; no one thought that the Internet will be a source for conducting business. The revolution of internet developments have greatly increased at this time. Not only as a tool for search the information, or as a communication tools, however, the internet has also penetrated into our business activities. With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, such as online shopping, business around the world now try to enhance their competitive advantages by focusing their resources on the virtual business environment.  Online business in Indonesia is definitely a booming business especially in 2012, the popularity trend shows significant increase.  Thus, it is crucial to know whether firms’ website is giving an added advantage that could trigger online purchase intention. An increased understanding of online consumer behaviour can benefit them in their efforts to market and sell products online. This study reveals that website design, information quality, trust, perceived risk and empathy are positively related online purchase intention. The research findings that the Indonesian Online Shop need to develop website quality, trust and empathy to increase online purchase intention.

Published on : Global Network Journal – Vol. V No. 2 August 2012

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