The Analysis Of Effectiveness Internet Blog As A Marketing Practice Based On E-Marketing Concept

Internet is becoming essential for every business activity. Moreover, at the beginning; no one thought that the Internet will be a source for conducting business. With increased globalization of the world economies, for most enterprises market opportunities seem to be endless. E-marketing as a latest type of marketing has been considered in an attempt to evaluate it, using the familiar seven Ps of promotion, price, product, place, process, physical evidence and people and its potential contribution to the marketing practice. Simply put, e-marketing is marketing online whether via web sites, online ads, option e-mail, interactive kiosks, interactive TV or mobiles. It involves getting close to customers, understanding them better and maintaining a dialogue with them. It is broader than e-commerce since it is not limited to transactions between an organization and its stakeholders, but includes all processes related to marketing. The E-marketing mix – widely referred to as the 4 Ps of Product, Price, Place and Promotion – was originally proposed by McCarthy (1960) and is still used as an essential part of formulating and implementing marketing strategy by many practitioners. The 4 Ps have since been extended to the 7 Ps, which include three further elements that better reflect service delivery: People, Process and Physical evidence, although others argue that these are subsumed within the 4 Ps. Based on the research, only Process, Product and Physical Evidence, who have significant effect Marketing influences Indonesian Company Blog(Y). It means, the design, facility and communication in the blog of Indonesian company is very important to contribute for marketing practice of the company.

Published on : Global Network Journal – Vol. V No. 1 March 2012

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